Michelle Brite, 23 years young, is a native Texan with a variety of cultural experience. Born on October 15th, 1993 into a culturally diverse family, Brite has had the opportunity to explore and experience lifestyles in a variety of races and religion. In addition, Brite is a lover of international travel and has cherished trips to South America and Asia. 
    Brite began learning Piano at 4 years old and what started as a hobby evolved into a career path. Her interest in composition began forming at about age 10 where she started to create short pieces. Since then Michelle Brite has composed, produced, designed, and released a personal instrumental CD in January 2010. At this point in time, Brite’s desire to go to school for music was solidified. Michelle Brite studied at the University of North Texas starting in Fall of 2012 pursuing a Bachelors in Music in Composition. As a composer, Brite describes her aesthetic to be new age, cinematic, emotional, and progressive. She draws influence from composers such as Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, John Williams, among many others. During her time in the Composition Department Brite has had the opportunity to be the Vice President and President of the Composers Forum of North Texas. In addition, she has had several pieces performed in department events and recitals.
    In 2014, Brite began to pursue a double major. Brite’s second area of study is a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. As a double major, she prides herself on being diverse in her interests while being involved. Brite is a member of the Communication Studies Honors Society, Lambda Pi Eta, and a member of the Honors College at the University of North Texas. Her focus in Communication is in Interpersonal Communication. The past two Summers Brite has had the opportunity to intern at a major marketing firm.
   Following the completion of her two degrees, Brite relocated to Austin and currently works in social media marketing at Main Street Hub, in Austin, TX. In her spare time, she performs and freelances as a musician. Outside of her work, Michelle Brite has a wide range of interests including a love of nature, animals, and food. She is a pescetarian and has a great interest in nutrition. When wanting to be active, Brite loves to do yoga or go rock climbing indoors and outdoors. She also loves all arts and often paints or sketches. 

Brite aspires for a “Brite” future and hopes to travel the world and experience all that the world has to offer. 

Music Composition + Communication Studies​