• Event Pianist
  • Event Vocalist

I am a seasoned pianist/vocal performer perfect for your next party, wedding, or other event! I am available for hire for events in the Austin area. I can be hired for both piano and vocals, solo piano, or solo vocal. I have experience playing/singing as background music and as the main focus. Rates vary depending on performance time and repertoire. 


  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Event Planner 

Through my time as a Communications Major and working in marketing I am available for hire as your next social media manager, marketing manager, or event planner! If you're a new musician, photographer, artist, etc looking for someone to help with marketing please reach out to me! I would love to work with you! Also, I am an event planner with experience of events with over 300 participants! Hire me to make sure your vision becomes a reality and gets executed without a hitch!


  • Freelance Composer
  • Freelance Pianist
  • Freelance Vocalist

I am a freelanced musician with experience with composition of all instruments, but also recording services as a pianist/vocalist. My composition works can be found in my compositions tab and several recording clips of myself are available on my soundcloud. Hire me as an accompanist! Or to sing a vocal hook you're excited to put on a track! I am open to all projects of production and am excited to work with you. Please contact me with details and we can discuss rates!


I am easily contactable through the contacts page on this site, or refer to the information below for a quicker response!

Music Composition + Communication Studies​